Here is the division this idea leads to...

Quebec Plans to Tax Unvaccinated Residents

The Canadian province of Quebec is closing-in on the unvaccinated.

First it announced that a vaccine passport would be required in order to buy alcohol and cannabis.

Now the Premier has announced plans to impose a “significant” tax on the unvaccinated.

The details, such as the amount and date of implementation, have not yet been released.

The reasoning behind the tax is that the unvaccinated are putting a strain on the healthcare system. So wouldn’t it make more sense to simply charge individuals for the cost of their care?

It’s amazing that in places with socialized healthcare, they would never dream of making cigarette smokers or the morbidly obese pay extra for their self-imposed health issues.

But a young healthy person who refuses the COVID jab and never ends up in the hospital will have to pay.

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