John W. Fisher

Hi Jared,

  1. Yes, I do believe the Bio-terrorist attack known as “Covid” from China is real…
  2. Also what we are calling “Vaccines” are emergency use authorized treatments NOT a fully tested and properly vetted Vaccine. Once manufacturer liability for adverse injuries and death is implemented then we can talk about this being an actual vaccine.
  3. No, based on the VAERS statistics, I will wait.

Further, I trust my immune system I am under 50 in good health no co-morbities, and have natural anti-bodies from previous exposure. Please explain to me why I should take this experimental treatment that thus far only offers a potential reduction in severity to an illness that already has 99% survivability rate for the vast majority of humanity.
Finally, NO ONE is “FULLY” Vaxxed. There will be infinite boosters because this vaccine is the wrong solution.

Best regards,

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